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Craven Idol – ‘Forked Tongues’

Dark Descent Records
Destroyer 666, Scythian, Ares Kingdom
Release Date
July 23, 2021
Dark Descent Records
Black/Thrash Metal

The third album from London-based Craven Idol further expands on their brand of Blackened Thrash. They decidedly lean more towards the Blackened side of things but rest assured, Thrash fans will not be left out in the cold. ‘Forked’ can be seen as having two halves.

The first five tracks (first half) on ‘Forked Tongues’ aren’t even songs. They are a gratuitous display of blackened metallic of unholy mayhem all wrapped in glorious violence. If Metal is the lure, then Craven Idol is the hook, and we are the hapless fish…No catch and release. Just hook, gut, cook, repeat.

Black Metal can be beautiful and enriching and can open the smallest window to the soul that was once sewn shut. Well, that is not happening here. At least not in the first five tracks. Not heavy on atmosphere or mystique, this is an aural assault with no regard for you or anyone else. Vocals are harrowed and intense with a deadly sense of urgency. Musically, it is the equivalent of a high-speed ripsaw with nary a care or direction yet cutting you exactly where you need it most. These are all good things, folks. All. Good. Things.

The final two tracks, each exceeding nine minutes, could easily stand alone. All instruments are ultra-tight, harrowing, and enchanting. Each track is fleshed out nicely, its full potential realized. More atmospheric, more layers, key changes, echoed spoken passages, more anguished howls, more everything. Be prepared to spend extra time to appreciate all the ongoings. Perhaps, listen to the first five tracks and then later play the last two. It is worth the investment.

Generally, I don’t have time to visit every album from an artist I am reviewing, but you better believe I made time for these guys. Amazing discovery for me. Highly recommended.

All. Good. Things.

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