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Godslave – ‘Positive Aggressive’

Metalville Records
Overkill, Lazarus A.D., Testament
Release Date
July 23, 2021
Metalville Records
Thrash Metal

From the Big 4 to the Other Big 4 (make your own list) Thrash contains speed, aggression, virtuosity, a dark slant, and oftentimes, a bit of humor. Full disclosure: it is my personal favorite. Godslave features all these things in spades and hearts and clubs… Their tagline is “Thrash Metal with a positive attitude!” How can you not like that?

 ‘Positive Aggressive,’ the sixth LP from Godslave, contains virtually every element of an outstanding Thrash album. That perfectly golden crunch, impossibly locked-in twin-guitar interplay, solidly embedded rhythms, and quintessential Thrash vocals all make this album exceptional in every way.

It is a ridiculously wonderful collection of high-velocity songs. Drumming is thundering and precise, speeds bordering on Black Metal at times. The dual guitar approach with its blazing speed is first-rate. Manni and Bernie have abundantly clear chemistry. Their notes per minute are quite impressive without sounding too embellished or muddied. Thommy’s vocals remind me of a younger Udo Dirkschneider impersonating an older Chuck Billy. He has also been compared to Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth. Either way, his style blends in perfectly.

Most tracks follow a tried-and-true formula of whip-neck quick-change riffs, gang vocals, and over-the-top aggression we all know and love. However, Godslave doesn’t shy away from the occasional wrinkle with touches of Power Metal (“Flap of a Wing”) and the odd introduction of (viola?) in “Show Me Your Scars.” (Almost) always good to mix things up, right? Truthfully, they could afford to mix it up even more. They have proven they can hold their own with any thrash icon, but, with their skill set, I think they can elevate the game even higher.

they can hold their own with any thrash icon

Come on in!

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