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Electric Haze – ‘Get in Line’

Idle North Records
Whitesnake, AC/DC, Kiss, Dio
Release Date
May 28, 2021
Idle North Records
Hard Rock

                “oh my god, I hate the 90’s, it’s all whiny and grunge killed rock” blah blah blah blah blah blah, the same old boring trope repeated ad infinitum by self imposed gatekeepers of rock music to cover up the fact that they stopped searching for albums as music moved on and they didn’t. Therefore contrary to popular belief, hard rock didn’t go anywhere and for the last 30 years, bands have been pumping out solid hard rock albums that could rival any released of the “Golden Days” ™. One such band are Sweden’s Electric Haze, who are finally returning to the fold for the first time since 2016 by releasing their sophomore album ‘Get In Line’.

                This is an album that may not have the ‘sound’ of the 70’s, but it has the heart, swagger and soul of a band 40 years its elder. Electric Haze believe in what they play as melody, feeling and passion ooze from ‘Get In Line’ as it tip-toes out of the bedroom in the early hours of the morning after a sordid night with David Coverdale. Tracks such as ‘Cryin’’, ‘Too Close to the Truth’ and the title track thump with the chest-beating machismo of Whitesnake, AC/DC and even Kiss in their prime whilst the band even manage to turn on the metal as ‘Cavern of Pain’ and ‘Succuba’ deliver a nod to Dio as well as more contemporary bands such as Jorn and Lords of Black.

                Ultimately, there is nothing here that hasn’t been heard before, it is actually well-worn ground, but when the sounds are this good, who the hell even cares? Sometimes, all it takes is the music to be good to lift your mood and if you’re looking for an album which adds some foot tapping, beer drinkin’, Friday night music that finds itself getting played louder and louder, then ‘Get In Line’ is certainly a good call.

foot tapping, beer drinkin’, Friday night music

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