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Agrypnie – ‘Metamorphosis’

AOP Records
Wolves In The Throne Room, Agalloch, Ulver, Alcest
Release Date
July 30, 2021
AOP Records
Post-Black Metal

While Agrypnie is hardly new on the scene, they are new to me. ‘Metamorphosis’ is a wonderful accompaniment for Alice and me to tumble further down the Blackened rabbit hole.

In 2004, Germany’s Agrypnie arose from the remnants of avant-garde black metal greats Nocte Obducta. Spearheaded by Torsten Hirsch, Agrypnie offers their sixth album of unique and innovative Black Metal. Incorporating the familiar trappings of Black Metal, along with Agrypnie’s signature sound, ‘Metamorphosis’ also shows a band that is constantly in the evolutionary phase.

 ‘Metamorphosis’ ranges from grandiloquent (“Wir Ertrunkenen-Prolog”) to fair-to-middling (“Melatonin”) and all points in between. It is awash in a beautiful atmosphere, echoing with layers upon layers of Black Metal majesty. This is not necessarily unique, but what is unique is the vocal intangibles. Torsten’s vocals (along with four guest vocalists) stretch between blackened barbs to cleans to guttural with a hint of sheen. Musically, these songs are bombastic and wonderfully overwhelming. Emotionally, they are stripped to the intimal layer, an invitation to look as deeply as you dare.

The centerpiece “Skulptur aus Eis,” is a towering achievement that aches and swells and pummels incessantly. Vocals are pleading, anguished, and emotionally wrenching. It is a massive song, spanning all parts of Agrypnie’s sound. Frankly, this alone is worth the price of admission.

At almost 70 minutes long, it is a bit much to take in one sitting. There is a myriad of elements in play, all masterfully done, but some paring back may have been indicated. But where? Don’t ask me; I’m still learning, remember?

One doesn’t need comprehension of the German language or any language at all. All that’s needed is a love of music and an understanding of the human psyche. Agrypnie will take it from there.

awash with a beautiful atmosphere

Come on in!

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