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In the mind of JAKOB MIND

Jakob Arvidsson has been a fixture in Sweden’s Punk scene for some years now. He is the singer/guitarist for Rotten Mind (which you should definitely check out) and has just released his first solo album, ‘The One That Got Away.’ His music offers a healthy dose of energy and swagger, or as Jakob terms it, “Loser Punk.” Color me intrigued.


Congratulations on the new album. Your music is new to me. Good
stuff! How has the reception been thus far?

Thank you! It’s been great. I’m just happy people seem to like it.

With the world slowly evolving from lockdown, what are your
immediate plans for touring and promoting your albums as well as
Rotten Mind’s recent work?

We wanna go out and play as much as we can and just have a good time.
We are actually playing our first show in a long while this coming
Saturday with Rotten Mind in Uppsala so that’s gonna be great.

You have mentioned that Rotten Mind’s music is a bit darker than
your solo work. Are we seeing an evolution of you as an artist?

Actually I think my own album is a more back to basics album. I always
wanted to do something like this but didn’t do it before. I think
you’ll hear a more evolved sound in the upcoming Rotten Mind album for

Regarding the instrumental, “Little Evil One,” were there lyrics
initially? Every time I hear it, I get these perfect lyrics in my
head. You are welcome to use them if you want.

Haha thank you. I never had any lyrics. It just popped up in my head.
I was called the little evil one by some friends a few years back and
I have no idea why. But it’s a cool title I think.

In the video for “Let Them Know,” what is going on at 1:07, with the
person in front of the monument? A bit of commentary, or is my
imagination running wild again?

There was no idea for that video so I can’t take any responsibility
for anything.

 Let’s say the Prime Minister of Sweden, who I am sure is a big fan,
offered to have one of your songs as the National Anthem for a
day…which would you pick?

The little evil one of course.

An idea for a tour: Scandinavia Punks the World! What three artists
do you take on the road with you? What is on your setlist…and can I
get backstage passes?

If I could pick anyone, living or dead, I would probably pick
Totalitär, Ebba Grön and Onkel Kånkel. The set list would be too long…
That tour would be so fucked up.

We thank you for your time and wish you all the best. Any parting
words for our readers?

Thank you so much! I appreciate all you people that seem to like my
stuff so much.

Jakob Mind (

Come on in!

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