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Moon Reaper – ‘Descent’ (EP)

Independent Release
Conjurer, Inter Arma, Wren, and Thou
Release Date
July 30, 2021
Independent Release
Progressive Blackened Doom Metal

 About 1000 years ago, when I was attending concerts, I was always dumbfounded by how many stragglers there were, just there to see the main act. Always see all the acts on the bill, folks. The openers will give 100% every time, and you will discover many new favorites. Moon Reaper strikes me as one of those bands. They are relatively new, have several influences, and are eager to share them all.

“Time Warper” starts things off on an extremely powerful note. Intriguing Blackened Death vocals lay atop layers of thick guitars and a neck-snapping bass approach that is perfectly out of place. This sets the stage for Moon Reaper’s sound. Is it Doom? Black? Death? Happily, the answer is all of the above.

Each song is a story unto itself, with its own twists and turns, red herrings, but no dead ends. ‘Descent’ nicely blends the elements of Doom, Black, and even a bit of Prog with at least four vocal techniques. Crushed chords are churned and drawn out amidst oddly swirling melodies as Morgan Craddick’s ever-shifting vocals guide the listener on an uncertain journey. ‘Descent’ is the sonic equivalent of a beautiful slow-motion car crash that takes several viewings…just to make sure you got it all.

These lads are still finding their way, throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. And that is part of the process. Whichever direction they decide to take will bring them great success. Highly recommended.

Whichever direction they decide to take will bring them great success

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