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Vincent Crowley – ‘Beyond Acheron’

Odium Records
Acheron, Mayhem, Celtic Frost
Release Date
August 9, 2021
Odium Records
Blackened Death Metal

You may be aware that I am not the biggest fan of Black and Death Metal, but I have been dabbling in the underworldly realms for some time now. ‘Beyond Acheron’ has solidified my decision to venture further down the rabbit hole.

After 30 years of fronting the legendary Acheron, Vincent Crowley has started a new and perhaps even darker chapter. With ‘Beyond,’ he brings along all the aspects that made Acheron great, but also incorporates a more updated sound. Best of both worlds, if you will. Fans of Crowley’s earlier work will relish the sinister tones and the minor key atmosphere. This is the blackened bedrock.

 ‘Beyond’ integrates shades of Doom, fits of manic Thrash, and of course, Crowley’s signature style of Blackened Death. There is a good mixture of tempos, all with an undeniable sense of foreboding. Lyrically, songs range from the macabre, yet intriguing (“Farewell At Death’s Door)” to outright disturbing (“My Eternal Vow.”) Truthfully, these songs could be about puppies and rainbows and they would still sound as menacing as your childhood nightmares. That’s a good thing, folks.

Drawing from the darker regions and beyond, Crowley takes the listener on a bleak and horrifically satisfying journey. A perfect accompaniment for your walk down the left-hand path.

A perfect accompaniment for your walk down the left-hand path

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