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They take comedy seriously and so do we. Nanowar of Steel formed in Rome, 2003 and ever since their debut album “Other bands play, Nanowar gay!” (2005) they spread the gospel of parody metal worldwide.

Metal Digest had a chat with the band and we challenge you not to laugh. We bet you can’t.

Welcome to Metal Digest!

They say always start with a joke, so mic to you. Please entertain us with a joke.

Sorry but we can only do jokes and entertain people when we get paid, our contract prevents us to do it for free.

Ok, that was funny. Joke’s on you, you did it for free. And now that we broke the ice, we’d like to know what’s new in the world of Nanowar of Steel. What are you currently working on?

We’re working on answering the questions we get from interviewers scattered all over the northern hemisphere, such as this one.

Gatto Panceri, the band’s bassist is also the bands manager. What makes him a good fit for the job besides of course his Ph.D. in astrophysics and his polyglotism?

The fact that he’s merciless, greedy and ready to kill to get what he wants.

You don’t want to mess with him.

We’re over ONE MILLION Spotify streams for Italian Folk Metal 4 weeks after its release! Congrats! How do you measure success?

Success is measured in electronvolt, just like the mass of elementary particles. We just reached 1 MeV of success, which is twice the mass of an electron.

That’s a great milestone indeed!

When was the first time you felt proud of the band?

The moment we started receiving hate mail and death threats from a Manowar fan from London, almost 15 years ago.

Pissing off someone so far away was something we could only have dreamt of…

Remember the T-shirt Madonna wore in the video of ‘Papa don’t preach’?  I was looking forward to interview an Italian to help me solve the mystery.

What is it that you guys do better and how can we be more like you? Please give us life advice before it’s too late.

Sorry for us Madonna is the Virgin Mary and we refrain from commenting on the clothing of members of the Holy Family, it’s a sensitive religious issue.

We’re very good at idiocy. To be with us you have to try to mix a teenager’s naiveness and stupidity with an old man’s senile dementia and (fr)agility. That’s the way life should be lived.

Be very young and very old at the same time.

Say I’m throwing a costume party and you’re all invited. The theme is ‘Bands”. Who do you dress up as? And no, you cannot be yourself this time. (I will obviously be Madonna in my “Italians Do it Better” tee).

We would tell you we’d come dressed up like Manowar riding motorcycles but then we would not show up at your party and sue you for undisclosed reasons.

You’re back on the road again. How is the tour life going? Will the tour bus survive your rockstar lifestyle?

Tour life is always great. We’d be working remotely for our daily normal jobs during the day and play softly during the night, go to sleep early and avoid drinking.

We’d be sober, responsible and hard working. That’s the real rockstar life!

What is the best way for your fans to support the band besides showing up at your shows?

There’s plenty of ways people can support us – send us money, send us groupies, send us groupies filled with money or send us money with groupies’ phone numbers written on top.

Whatever you prefer!

Come on in!

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