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Fimir – ‘Tomb of God’

Argonauta Records
Church of Misery, Byron
Release Date
July 19, 2021
Argonauta Records
Doom Metal

Bands are like buses, they come, they go and sometimes two come at once. When Church of Misery disbanded in 2018, we seemed unsure as to what would happen; but the remnants formed two bands with seemingly interchangeable members, the first being Byron who released their debut album earlier this year and now Fimir who deliver their first offering ‘Tomb of God’.

                Sometimes, is it even worth splitting a band if you’re going to release two bands which sound almost exactly the same as the original? The deep philosophical questions of heavy metal. What the listener does get with ‘Tomb of God’ is actually some very, very good doom from the Finns, it is finally honed and tuned to perfection by a group of musicians who were born doing this. Yet, Fimir is not your standard cookie cutter doom, there is a nuance to this band which gives ‘Tomb of God’ a certain panache and ultimately, this doesn’t lie within the music, but rather the vocals of Magus Corvus. Corvus guides the band from a rough rasp through songs such as ‘White Wolf’, ‘Temple of Madness’ and the albums colossal opener ‘One Eyed Beast’, but it is ‘Obsidian Giant’ where the Corvus earns his supper here as his deep baritone soothes the listener into thinking this is what a doom band would sound like if it was significantly less Gothic and fronted by Peter Steele.

                Fimir have actually delivered a decent doom album, it is slightly better than its Byron counterpart. There is better doom available this year and there is also significantly worse and any fan of the genre who picks this up will certainly not be disappointed.

a decent doom album

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