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Cedars – ‘Cowards’

Gruene Records
How To Destroy Angels, TVAM, NIN, Radiohead, Chelsea Wolfe
Release Date
June 11, 2021
Gruene Records
Alternative Rock

Texas collective Cedars have recently released their debut full length “Cowards”. Taking a leaf out of many books of musical style to form their own distinctive sound, this is a brave and bold album, with moments of almost shocking power, bass to push your stereo to the limit, counterpointed by gentle wispy melodies and vocals elsewhere. There is no holding back lyrically in this body of work, dark and all too real topics are openly explored, but never used as emotional “clickbait”. A sensitive touch throughout, and always a glimmer of optimism remains. Each song exists as its own little story, consider it an anthology on a theme rather than a novel and you’re on the right track.

“‘Formerly Known’ is a story of escape and redemption. Making this video was a way to reclaim pain and transmute it into something powerful. Drawing from past experiences, the Formerly Known video was crafted to create a conversation about something that’s happening every moment around the globe, but no one wants to talk about.”

From delicate and beautiful heartfelt melodies, to darkness and claustrophobic tones, Cowards is a haunting and memorable work. Sandeigh Kennedy’s vocals simmer and soar around the colossal basslines and ominous synth drones creating an atmosphere that draws the listener in way too close. Utilising a mix of both live and programmed drums in a seamless and measured way, the heavier sections carry a strangely hypnotic beat you can’t always pin down. In terms of the influences that shine through, at times the band wears its reference points of Industrial, Darkwave, and Pop quite openly and proudly, they never stray into sonic copy and paste. There is a high level of musicianship and invention with Cedars that makes the hairs on your neck stand up when the crash comes in.

Cedars are:

Sandeigh Kennedy – Lead Vocal, Bringer of Rain, Button Pusher

Drew Heaton – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synth

Chris Rodriguez – Lead Guitar

Chris Santos – Bass

Kaleb Perez – Drums

Bold, fresh, and exciting. Highly recommended

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