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Grave Length – ‘The Unknown Terror’ EP

Independent Release
Necrophagia, John Carpenter, Acid Witch
Release Date
June 13, 2021
Independent Release
Horror Metal
Our Score

If you are into heavy music & horror films I have a feeling this one is for you! Jerry Kavouriaris & Steve Uldriks have teamed up to form a new duo project Grave Length, their unique horror metal sound is showcased on their debut release ‘The Unknown Terror EP’

From the eerie quiet passages in ‘Why Won’t It Die?!’ of chamber instruments screeching, creepy piano & white noise static, to the full-blast distorted guitars slamming away backed with sci-fi synthesisers of ‘Trapped On A Couch’ each song is like reliving an old school horror movie while a metal band is rehearsing next door. *drifts into traumatic horror flashback*

Be sure to check out ‘Re-Terraformed’ at the end of the EP for an epic final alien boss battle feeling track!

‘The Unknown Terror EP’ is available now on Digital & Streaming.

if you are into heavy music and horror films I have a feeling this one is for you!

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