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Heaven & Earth – ‘V’

Frontiers Records
Jorn, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Foreigner, Bad Company
Release Date
July 16, 2021
Frontiers Records
Hard Rock

It was only as few years ago that bands still had to function in the same room, let alone the same country or even further afield. But hey, with internet speeds and programs expanding quicker than we can think then bands are once again at the forefront of technology and the latest Heaven & Earth (H&E) album, unimaginatively titled ‘V’ has been an international affair.

                So, with an album titled ‘V’ have H&E run out of creative steam? Worn themselves mentally dry as to title their fifth studio album, well, five? Nah, thankfully, that’s the only thing here that has the band running on empty because what ‘V’ shows is a band learning to work remotely whilst bedding in new members, specifically the vocals in the case of Gianluca Petralia. Petralia’s vocals may be different to what came before, but they are in everyway more than sufficient, this is a man who knows what the sound of the band is and how to achieve those dynamics; some of these songs may be a little bit ‘by-the-numbers’ here, but it is Petralia’s vocal performances which bring the songs to life as tracks such as ‘Drive’, ‘Ship of Fools’ and ‘Never Dream of Dying’ show some real touches of class, appealing to the likes of Rainbow, Whitesnake and Jorn.

                There isn’t anything here with ‘V’ that is massively unexpected, nor should there be, it is a solid album and if this line-up can cement itself together, their next offering should be even better.

a solid album

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