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Musicians unite to fight intolerance and segregation

Musicians from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine have united to fight interethnic intolerance and the segregational system by giving birth to Feelament, a band that operates completely remotely and combines a diversified guitar-driven sound with brutal growlings and soft clean vocals.

«We are worried about what is happening between the relations of our (and other) countries, and we are expressing it through our music», states the vocalist Maria Balyasova. «We’re all brothers and sisters. The media and politicians play us off against each other for their personal gain, promoting ethnic hatred», she adds. «They feed their audience with false information, saying that our enemies live in other countries. We don’t believe them. They are the real enemies.»

The post-USSR band have released a new single entitled DNA (Propaganda). Watch the video right here:

Listen to the song:
Merch is here:

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