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Antologi – ‘Chronicles of Catastrophes’

Vrykoblast Productions
Vader, Onslaught, Venom
Release Date
July 30, 2021
Vrykoblast Productions
Death Thrash Metal

Anyone for some Death Metal? Here’s 48 minutes of it, as heavy and unrelenting as expected from 5 long-haired, bearded guys from Singapore with a bunch of time and distortion pedals to hand. This album, though, seems to showcase proof that the genre is not all ‘blast beats and shouting’, by throwing in cleaner sections, with the appearance of even a classical acoustic for intermission track ‘Hymns of Penance’, along with occasional sequences of complex time signatures worthy of Misha Mansoor. As an album, it would appear to show that you can do new things without straying from established themes and motifs common to the genre.

And yet, this album feels like a bit of a missed opportunity. Sure, there are sections of calm, and there are genuinely engaging sections, but there’s a feeling the whole way through the album that perhaps they held back on these aspects for fear of alienating fans. Instrumental opener ‘For the Fallen sets a very exciting precedent that the album seems to forget by the time the chorus of ‘Blood in the Brain’ rolls around. The album does, however, end on a significant high with ‘Thrashers of the World’, a real feel-good Metal anthem that successfully riles up feelings of solidarity and pride as metalheads, seemingly Metal’s answer to Airbourne’s  ‘Raise the Flag’.

Overall, this album shows promise, but still feels slightly generic in parts, and implements some of the ‘build-your-own Death Metal song’ tropes in parts, despite being reasonably well-written, and meticulously performed

Very promising, just a little too cautious

Come on in!

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