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Maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention, but it seems North Carolina is becoming (or is) an American hotbed for all sorts of Metal music. It happened in Austin, Seattle, and California. Why not NC? Seeking Sirens is an outstanding example of this. Their first single, “Surface,” is densely packed with crushing guitars, soaring vocals, and insightful lyrics. Honestly, I cannot wait to hear more from these guys. We had a chance to ask them a few questions. Gentlemen…


1. Thank you for your time. Generally, I don’t ask the standard “how did you get your start” type questions, but since you are a brand-new band…how did you get your start? Tell us the whole story. 

Kevin and Joe met years back playing a show together in their respective bands at the time. (Fear The United and Structure Fails) They hit it off and developed a friendship, mulling over collaboration on some music for years but never connecting due to the demands of their other endeavors. When the pandemic hit, they took advantage of the lockdown to begin working on material, completing final recording on a five-song EP and some rough demos of a few singles more, the former of which is being mixed and mastered piecemeal as we speak.

2. I have listened to “Surface” several times. Killer tune. Seriously, I am a fan. I understand more singles are forthcoming. What can we expect?

Our next single “Splinter” is slated for release on August 6th. We’ll be releasing a video for it in tandem, and listeners can expect a much more aggressive track that is more in line with our subsequent releases in terms of tenacity. Of course, it’ll still have the melodic dynamics displayed on surface, particularly for the choruses. 

3. Regarding “Surface,” you were quoted as saying, “We all must move forward and try to find our path in life without losing who we are along the way.” That is sage advice regardless of the circumstances. What is the best advice you have received so far? What advice have you receivedthat you wish you had heeded?

“If you want it done right, do it yourself.”If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s gonna want a glass of milk.”Both come to mind and both could have been heeded more over the years.

4. When concerts are in full swing again, what can we expect from a Seeking Sirens show? Anything in the works that you can share? 

We’re looking into booking some east coast dates for the mid-late fall, but everything seems touch and go still, so we don’t have any dates to announce yet. 

5. Each member has been in other bands, each with their own experiences. What single greatest attribute does each member bring to the table?

Joe brings his experience and know-how for everything outside the rehearsal room to the table with startling efficacy.
Kevin brings a meticulous ear, as well as tremendous experience and know-how for everything inside the rehearsal room.
AJ brings tremendous talent and songwriting ability covering a slew of instruments besides the drum set he mans for Seeking Sirens. 
Ryan brings an awesome attitude with quiet competence that rounds us out and glues the unit together.

6. You are the third band from North Carolina that I’ve interviewed in less than a year. What is going on there?

NC has always had a robust music scene. It’s an interesting paradox being that there’s such a strong sense of community while at the same time is so competitive. There’s so much talent here, it’s difficult to stay visible.

 7. I am from Alabama originally. (We can talk smack later) What is the best and worst thing about living in North Carolina and, what is the best place for BBQ? 

Best thing is the caliber of musicians and the lower cost of living. The worst thing is that you can’t do anything remotely worth doing without a car.

 Far as barbecue, the do a great festival every year that’s always visited by the best of the best. That’s the go-to but there’s amazing bbq pits all over if you look.

8. We thank you for your time and wish you all the best. Any parting words for our readers?

Thanks so much for listening and for having us. We really appreciate it. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and also please like the track on Spotify and follow us there as well. Every click helps!


Joseph Izayea (vocals)

Kevin Wilson (guitars)

Andy Jolliffe (drums)

Ryan Lambert (bass)

SEEKING SIRENS – Surface – Official Music Video – YouTube

 Seeking Sirens | Facebook

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