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Prayer Line – ‘Thrill Me, Lick Me, Fuck Me, Kill Me’

Independent Release
Misfits, Motorhead, Municipal Waste
Release Date
July 16, 2021
Independent Release
Crossover/Thrash/Horror Punk

Are you ready to get scared? Kentucky’s premier purveyors of Horror infused Punk/Thrash are ready to thrill us again with a new six-track EP stuffed to the brim with dark intent, shockingly good riffs, and the dirtiest basslines since Lemmy left us. And just to confuse the hell out of us, eight tracks. Ok, six songs and two bizarre interludes aimed purely at mauling your subconscious into submission.

Following on from the excellent self-released debut “Drink The Blood” from 2019, “Thrill me, Lick me, Fuck me, Kill me” hits the ground running with the disarming “Bad Bad Boy”, a sloid slab of Motorhead infused, bass-led utter mayhem. Lead off release “Thrill me” keeps up the dirty work, and with only the interludes and “Who Goes There” not hammering along in the same vein.

“Who Goes There” is an outsider in this collection of songs, loosening the Punk stylings in favour of a distinctly 80’s/NWOBHM/Power Metal mash that is just so damned catchy it hurts.

With vocal duties shared between three of the band, there is a welcome variety in delivery, and the use of audio clips from horror films both classic and obscure is executed in a refreshingly subtle way; not taking over the songs, just adding a little bit of fun until the brutality gets underway. Special mention goes to Dave Chale for the excellent production at Deadbird Studios; we get to hear every drop of blood being sweated out of the bass amps, and the pain inflicted on the rest of the gear. Top work fella!

A solid effort, catchy, great fun, and sure to get a mosh going at a theatre near you

Come on in!

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