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Sorrow Enthroned – ‘The Grave Of Endless Writhing’ EP

Black Horned God
Darkthrone, Gorgoroth
Release Date
June 9, 2021
Black Horned God
Blackened Death Metal

If you have been following my journey to the Dark Side, you know I have made great strides. There are countless examples of Black and Death Metal that are seductively fiendish and beautiful. This EP, however, may delay my progress just a bit.

Hailing from the Constitution State, Sorrow Enthroned is a one-man act that incorporates Melodic, Black and, Death Metal. ‘Grave’ is a concept EP telling the story of “Hell coming to the surface of the earth and infecting the cosmos.” Although most tracks are up-tempo, this EP is bleak, dismal, and unnerving, taking great care to extinguish any glimmer of hope. Musically, the tones are dark and muddy, with hollow drumming that is often incongruent. No doubt, this is intended to align with the narrative. Strained ground-glass vocals are often asynchronous with the desolate soundscape. This is especially displayed on “Gnawed and Torn” and “They Breed.” There are some intriguing basslines scattered about as well some wonderfully eerie keyboard, but in the end, this EP is more about emotion and not so much music. 

As you know (and as I have learned) Black Metal can be quite beautiful. Alas, there is not much beauty here and for that, I suggest you look elsewhere. But if you seek an emotional experience, one of finality and despair, then yes, this artist from Connecticut may be offering what you are looking for.

this EP is more about emotion

Come on in!

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