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Plant My Bones – ‘Stage 1.0’ EP

Inverse Records
Rush, Rainbow, Magnum, Saxon, Iron Maiden
Release Date
July 23, 2021
Inverse Records
Progressive Rock/Metal

Reviewing new rock music is an amazing privilege, and just once in a while something turns up that blows your mind. This is that moment. The press pack for this says “modern progressive heavy rock”. Good try; but that is like describing Dream Theatre’s “The Astonishing” as a little over-long. This is not just Progressive, it’s also a kaleidoscope of all that was great about Rock in the 70’s, brought bang up to date with short, catchy songs bristling with hooks and earworms. Go to your local record store, the one that still stacks vinyl in alphabetical order. Look under “R”. This is the equivalent of finding an album somewhere between ‘2112’ and ‘Hemispheres’ you never knew existed. You take it home reading the lyric sheet on the bus, and when the needle hits the groove…

Oh My Fucking God. This will be my staff pick for album of the year; no question. To beat it is going to need something absolutely astonishing. And this is already at the level of “Absolutely astonishing”. Jenna Kosunen’s vocals are somewhere above Geddy Lee’s before the first track has ended, and just soar from there onwards; the harmonies are even better. There is literally nothing to fault, every note is needed and placed perfectly. Referencing everything from Rush, Heart, Rainbow, even Maiden, this is a tour de force of classic Progressive Rock at its absolute zenith. And that’s without even touching on the concise and precise song writing, it’s almost as if they hacked the code for “Progressive Metal 101”. If you are going to pay with real money for an EP by a start-up band this year because you love music, make it this one. This could well be the start of something amazing.

it’s only 21 minutes long. it is, however, practically perfect.

Come on in!

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