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The Hornets – ‘Heavier Than a Stone’

Go Down Records
The Tubes, Bottle Rockets, The Refreshments
Release Date
July 16, 2021
Go Down Records
Garage/Hard Rock

This Italian quartet was “formed for fun, for leisure, to get out of the usual work routine or to flip off a bad day.” Seriously, how are you gonna top that? From the purest intentions and lack of pretensions…that is from whence the truest art flows. I just made that up…and I will stand by that statement until the end.

‘Heavier’ is a bare-bones, I, IV, V celebration of what, quite frankly, is missing in music today. Its approach is simple, earnest, and highly effective. The songs are energetic and rollicking with nods to Old 97s, Bottle Rockets, and Roger Clyne. It is nine tracks of sing-along ready, road trip simplicity that you wish you had written. You will play this album over and over, singing along, certain that you wrote it yourself because how else could it feel so perfect?

There is nothing complex here; a million people could have made this album, but The Hornets did it…and for all the right reasons. Every note of this album puts a smile on my face.

Each track is perfectly suited for a long drive to “who cares where?” Cruise control on and all cares are gone, this album feeds the soul and its simple needs. At your road trips’ end, play it again. Let’s go another 1000 miles!

perfectly suited to a drive to "who cares where?"

Come on in!

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