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Vandor – ‘On a Moonlit Night’

Scarlet Records
DragonForce, Rhapsody of Fire, HammerFall, Twilight Force, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody
Release Date
July 16, 2021
Scarlet Records
Power Metal

                It takes skill to play power metal, but it takes a special sort of panache to play what is essentially epic power metal and that is exactly what Vandor do. After a warm reception to their debut album ‘In the Land of Vandor’ in 2019, the Swedes are back with their sophomore album ‘On a Moonlit Night’.

                With this release, ‘…Moonlit Night’ sticks very much on the path that the band started down with their debut and that is no bad thing. This is an album which goes first in initiative order, it is chock full of the high-class quality melodies that any fan of this genre would expect. What Vandor have delivered is some top drawer song craftsmanship; from the more sombre melodies of an acoustic guitar, to the fist raising rapid fire guitaring that has become synonymous with power metal. All this means that when coupled with the epic fantasy nature of the lyrics is that tracks such as ‘River of Life’, ‘The Sword to End All Wars’ and ‘Mountains of Avagale’ roar with the majesty of DragonForce, Rhapsody and Twilight Force.

                ‘…Moonlit Night’ is the sound of a band on the up, they’ve got their sound which they are refining with each release and this album would be a welcome addition to any power metal’s collection from 2021. Roll for initiative!

Roll for initiative!

Come on in!

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