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Make Your Living Room Punk Again! The Tin Can Collective’s living room live session premieres on 8/27/21

The Tin Can Collective is a Long Island based melodic, emo punk band have just released their fourth album, Axiomatic Alarm Clock! Always earnest and full of intent, the band is considered a “band’s band” because of their cult following and chaotic live shows. Axiomatic Alarm Clock explores the struggle to find meaning in a 40 hour workweek. Its blue collar, relatable, just the right amount of angry. 

Now with a killer new album, the band is set to premiere a live session, ‘Live In The Living Room’ recorded from their living room on August 27th at 8:30pm ET on their YouTube channel.

You can watch the trailer for the live session and stream ‘Axiomatic Alarm Clock’ below!

The Tin Can Collective is an indie emo punk band from Long Island, NY.

John Warren started the Tin Can Collective in 2011 as a recording project, enlisting a rotating cast of friends to complete the outfit. Among the ragtag group were Jess Warren (John’s sister and co-writer on many of the songs) and Ken Russo, who both quickly moved from frequent collaborators to full-time members. Brian Kish joined the band in 2017, and Nick Femister joined shortly thereafter, rounding out the lineup.
Always pure of heart and full of intention, The Tin Can Collective has schlepped around the country in a rented minivan, playing their brand of beer-soaked indie emo punk for anyone who would listen. They quickly became cult favorites for their chaotic live shows and became what could be described as “a band’s band.”
Axiomatic Alarm Clock addresses the perils of adulthood and the struggle to find meaning in a 40 hour work week. The band’s fourth album is their most focused and biting set of songs to date.

Look for Axiotmatic Alarmclock everywhere on July 16th 2021

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