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Goose Vargis – ‘Knockout!’ (EP)

Independent Release
Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Royal Blood, Squid, Idles
Release Date
June 1, 2021
Independent Release

Seattle’s Goose Vargis recently released the Knockout EP, and it’s a Grunge Metal concept piece based on boxing that may leave you sprawling on the canvas.

Ok, bad pun out of the way. These guys are getting a strong reputation for rumbustious and frenetic live performances, and first listen through this EP gives a strong impression that if you don’t like being hot and sweaty in a pit, you better stand at the back. Evoking the sound and energy of 90’s Seattle without being slavishly dedicated to recreating the past, this EP further bucks the trend by being thematically linked to one subject, namely boxing. “Knockout” “Pitiful” and “I’m ok” rip by in double-time, sounding both familiar and zeitgeist at once. Like Royal Blood they sure put out one hell of a lot of noise for a two-piece.

Stand out track “I’m OK” has elements of (inevitably) Nirvana and Alice in Chains, but don’t for one moment think this is not a new and inspirational sound, there is more than a suggestion of the attitude, aggression, and humour found elsewhere in Squid, Idles and even Sleaford Mods; it has a kick arse shout-along chorus and hook that is complemented by an immense bass line and seriously catchy riff.

The Delissio Brothers sure know how to belt out a tune, and this is fun and catchy.

The Delissio Brothers sure know how to belt out a tune, and this is fun and catchy.

Come on in!

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