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Rascal Whack – ‘Maliveni’

Independent Release
Godsleep, Elephant Riders, Fuzzcrafter
Release Date
June 24, 2021
Independent Release
Hard Rock

Let’s face it; unless you started in the 60s and your last name is Page or Iommi, you are going to show some of your influences. Such is the case with Rascal Whack (RW) Although touches of Tool, RATM, and Staind, among others, are on display here, their sound is not quite derivative.

RW’s sound decidedly lives in the shadows, but they let in just the right touches of light, all culminating in a perfect portrait of contrasts. Their songs are full of catchy riffs that often venture off the anticipated path.  Air-tight rhythms are bedrock steady; yet throw in their own curves. Deep register vocals are perfectly suited, but a bit restrained at times. Something tells me vocalist Tourvas can be a beast.

From slow crawlers, full of sinewy basslines and some deeply emotive guitar work, (“The Fly”) to chugging, Bluesy rockers full of twists and tight turns, (“Pennies From Heaven,”) this album delivers.  It rocks and grooves in all the right places and at all the right paces. It is not the album of the year, but it may be the album you need.

There are more than a few moments when you may be hints of “War Pigs” or “Schism” here and there, but these boys are finding their sound. I think that is the bigger takeaway here.

full of catchy riffs that often venture off the anticipated path

Come on in!

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