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Nothing Sacred – ‘No Gods’

Rockshots Records
ank, Iron Angel, Raven, Mortal Sin, Renegade, Prowler, Hobbs' Angel of Death
Release Date
July 16, 2021
Rockshots Records
Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal/Power Metal

The music industry doesn’t tend to do second chances, so it’s a good job that the fans are more than accommodating and welcoming for those bands that have been away for far too long. Nothing Sacred stepped out of Australia in the 80’s and delivered their debut studio album ‘Let Us Prey’ in 1988 before breaking up the following year. Thankfully, the Nothing Sacred story didn’t end there and this year has the band returning 30 years on to release ‘No Gods’, that long awaited sophomore album.

                Time may have marched on, but with ‘No Gods’, the band pick up almost exactly where they left off 30 years ago. Sure, there are a few changes along the way, Mick Burnham is no longer at the vocal helm, with the new album being fronted by James Davies and the Captain Trips guitarist Stuart Bedford steps up to join the guitar ranks for an album that’s actually pretty good. ‘No Gods’ continues to be quality heavy metal, it continues to have those flourishes of both thrash and power metal and it isn’t afraid to piggy-back on the burgeoning trad metal scene of the previous few years. Tracks such as ‘Ice’, ‘False Prophets’ and ‘Virus’ show this band still have it with all the appeal of Tank, Iron Angel and even Raven alongside other Australian bands such as Mortal Sin, Renegade and Prowler.

                Naturally, with all this in mind, there isn’t anything here that the listener hasn’t heard before, but there is a lot of quality here and a real chemistry bubbling beneath that surface. ‘No Gods’ is a solid effort and it’ll be interesting to see where Nothing Sacred go from here.

‘No Gods’ is a solid effort

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