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Silurian – ‘Descenders’ EP

Independent Release
Release Date
June 9, 2021
Independent Release
Ambient/80's Synth/Gloom

Christian Hector of Ahab has teamed up with Emilia Sherman to produce and self-release an EP of gloomy Post Rock under the name “Silurian” with a distinctly 80’s vibe. In fact, so very 80’s there’s even a Phil Collins cover.

There’s very little similarity between Silurian and Ahab, but there is a connecting “feeling”, and that is a feeling of mildly claustrophobic gloom. Kudos to Christian for taking such an unexpected turn without losing the essence of his music.

Opening track “Demons” has live drums from fellow Ahab member Cornelius Athammer, the remaining songs use programmed drums, again using distinctive Roland/Korg voicings from the 80’s. Emelia’s vocals are a perfect foil to the wash of gloomy synth chords and filtered guitars, and for what they themselves call a “Demo”, the recording and production values are top notch.

The inspiration for the songs comes from science fiction and horror literature and films; both classics, and contemporaneous to the 1980’s, to quote Christian:

“Pleasance and peacefulness in life are great – no doubt about that – but in music, I prefer to immerse myself into the troubled minds of both singer and composer. That’s the kind of music I’m interested in and it’s probably the reason, why my music always turns out to be gloomy. I can’t help it “

Not what you’d expect; but captivating none the less. It will be interesting to see what will come of this project, the space of a full length release may allow them to flourish further.

Not what you’d expect; but captivating none the less

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