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Inner Stream – ‘Stain the Sea’

Frontiers Records
Evanescence, Within Temptation, Tarja, Lacuna Coil
Release Date
July 16, 2021
Frontiers Records
Symphonic Metal

Inner Stream may have begun as a pipe dream for Inés Vera Ortiz as she fronted multiple power metal bands in her native Buenos Aires. But this dream soon became a very real prospect as the Argentine vocalist teamed herself up with Guillermo de Medio and Alessandro Del Vecchio to release the bands debut album ‘Stain the Sea’.

                Without beating around the bush too much, ‘Stain the Sea’ is an album that sounds exactly like the listener would expect it to and that is actually not a bad thing. With this release, Inner Stream have brought a warm, comfortable familiarity with their music, it’s the symphonic equivalent of putting on a pair of slippers that you had forgot that you own. Yet, ‘Stain the Sea’ is not just carbon copy, cookie cutter symphonic metal, there are other elements here of electronic and Gothic metal brought forward not just in the music, but also through Ortiz’s powerful voice. This means that ‘Stain the Sea’ has all the appeal of Evanescence and Within Temptation but also Tarja and even Lacuna Coil at their most heartfelt as songs such as ‘Massive Drain’, ‘Dance with Shades’ and ‘Fair War’ show exactly what this band are capable of.

                ‘Stain the Sea’ has a song writing and song craftsmanship maturity well beyond what is expected from a debut. It’s powerful, moving and has everything that any fan of symphonic metal could ever want. If you are disappointed with the direction that Within Temptation have taken in the last decade, then you need not brood any longer; grab a copy of ‘Stain the Sea’ and you’ll find that Inner Stream may just become your new favourite band.  

disappointed with the direction that Within Temptation have taken in the last decade? Grab a copy of 'Stain the Sea' instead.

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