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Gorethrone – ‘The Descension’ EP

Independent Release
Chelsea Grin, Slipknot, Carnifex
Release Date
May 26, 2021
Independent Release
Blackened Deathcore

‘The Descension’ is the heavy debut EP independently produced & released by Michiganian newcomers GoreThrone, A blackened deathcore band hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. USA.

Take the best parts of black metal & metalcore, throw in a dash of death metal vocals and you’ve got yourself an earth shaking cocktail of heavy metal goodness, expect chugs, blasts & shred!

‘Celestial Noose’ is a filthy track that perfectly rounds up what to expect GoreThrone has to offer.

‘Big High Wargod’ is the ultimate culmination to this destructive beast of a Debut EP with the final song ‘Grim’ rounding off the record for one final breakdown.

‘The Descension EP’ packs a hell of a punch and is now available to be streamed and for sale digitally.

An earthshaking cocktail of heavy metal goodness

Come on in!

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