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Rocking Corpses – ‘Death Blues’

Inverse Records
Acid Witch, Häxor, Bull Funk Zoo
Release Date
July 2, 2021
Inverse Records
Horror Rock/Metal

I recently resumed watching The Walking Dead, so it is spooky that this band showed up on my radar. One could argue the world does not need another horror-infused Hard Rock band…and you would be wrong. Dead wrong. While yes, the lyrics are full of camp and fatuity, at the heart of it all is a healthy dose of pure Rock ‘n’ Roll. The whole album is chock full of dynamic riffs and catchy hooks. Songs range from a supercharged Social Distortion to a seriously pissed-off ZZ Top, and they all work beautifully. Dual vocalists provide cleans and (what I call) “zombie vocals” to marvelous effect.

Most songs are rooted in a Bluesy swagger, a bit of Rockabilly, and a whole lotta Rock attitude. The zombie gurgles, manic laughter, and wolf howls provide the perfect accent. Rocking Corpses never loses sight that this is Rock music, but who says you can’t have a bit of fun along the way?

Standouts: “Death Is Something To Die For.” A heavy-handed Blues-drenched groovefest.

                “Buried.”  Catchy, rollicking, and prominently features the “zombie vocals.”

                “Necrophilove.” A driving number with fantastic melody/countermelodies that up conjures images of 80s era The Cramps.

 First note to the last, ‘Death Blues’ rocks, and perhaps more importantly, it is fun and refreshing and who doesn’t need that right about now?

it is fun and refreshing and who doesn’t need that right about now?

Come on in!

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