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Froglord – ‘The Mystic Toad’

The Swamp Records
Zoroaster, Bog Wizard, Acid Mammoth, Wode, Heavy Temple
Release Date
July 2, 2021
The Swamp Records
Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal

In metal it is possible to build your band around any concept, we’ve had drinking, Vikings, pirates and now… frogs. Yep, our amphibian friends are now channelling their own concept through Froglord who have released their sophomore album, the cryptically titled ‘The Mystic Toad’.

                This is not a joke and I can guarantee that your morning coffee is not laced with anything. What the listener gets here is a huge slab of sludge metal, that has been chiselled and sharpened off with elements of both doom and stoner. There are some big riffs here crawling out of the primordial pond of Bristol and it comes fully equipped with many humorous anecdotes about the amphibian critters. Now, this isn’t an easy album to like, it can give a wry smile at first, but it is also easy to be almost instantly turned off as camp 60’s style sci-fi voiceovers give way to crushing modern sludge. However, who says that heavy metal doesn’t teach you anything; by listening to ‘The Mystic Toad’ I have learned the anatomy of a frog and how certain frogs store venom. These are just some of the things instore when listening to this album.

                Musically, there is nothing here that hasn’t been done before. This sludge sound has a well-trodden, beaten path. However, it does split the audience into two with its lyrics. Those who don’t get it who stand there scratching their heads and those who like things a little bit quirky and odd. Listen to the album and see which side of the fence you fall on.

appealing to those who like things a little bit quirky and odd

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