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Blacklist – ‘Disciples of Time’

Independent Release
Solitary, Xentrix, Shrapnel, Warbringer, Exodus
Release Date
July 9, 2021
Independent Release
Thrash Metal

That wonderful old-school thrash metal sound has had a huge revival over the last decade; it has purged itself of groove, industrial, and even nu-metal sounds and returned to the original sound which made it so tantalisingly good in the first place. One such band are Blacklist and after releasing their warmly received debut EP ‘Bombs Away’ in 2019, the British thrashers are back with their first full-length studio album ‘Disciples of Time’.

                Those already dyed in the wool with the thrash sound will know exactly what to expect from this release, ‘Disciples…’ is true to its word, it follows in the footsteps of those leaders who went before them with its neck-breaking riffs and bpm’s so fast it would be considered GBH on a metronome. For this release, Blacklist wear their influences on their sleeve, there are plenty of big American touches here, nods to Exodus and Testament as well as something more closer to home with Solitary and Xentrix; but Blacklist aren’t afraid to show their love for contemporary thrash and ‘Disciples…’ has all the appeal of Warbringer, Thrasherwolf and Havok as tracks such as ‘Crucifix’ and ‘Vengeance’ roar with a youthful vigour that has the ability to pull the listener in with their infectious lust for metal.

                However, there isn’t anything here that is new or even massively stand out and ‘Disciples…’ is missing that slight killer touch. Yet, that doesn’t mean it is poor by any stretch of the imagination and the band have got a strong foundation to build upon as they learn and hone their craft.

the band have got a strong foundation to build upon

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