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Arcade Stories opens it up in 2021 with Unbroken, an emboldened song that concentrates the power of connection into an undefeatable force. In late 2020, Arcade Stories released Submerse and laid the foundations for a legacy of expansive alt-rock, Amplify stating “…another powerful atmospheric release, which sends you into another universe completely.” Submerse went on to find support across the UK and Germany’s various indie radio stations as well as wide-spread support on Australia’s Community Radio Network. As a song you could sing to the love of your life, Unbroken picks up on these connected moments, it embracing the heavier side of vulnerability with a more sincere lyrical meaning. The chorus says it all “I wish I met you earlier, you’re no background character”, really puts the attractor in a high place. “Some lines in the song came from spending a lot of 9me away from home. ‘Each day gone is one closer, to when we can be one’ reflects on staying focused on the people that matter to you during those times Arcade Stories is the current musical project of Adam Djensen who picks up on a music career that began with Infinova, which graced stages from Townsville through to Melbourne yet ended in 2017. Djensen has also assisted bands such as Thanartist on vocals as a support act for Northlane in Airlie beach 2016, and Vasculitis on bass guitar for live shows from Townsville through to Brisbane. His experience on the road as guitarist, screamer and melodic vocalist sets the bar for his musical depth. Underpinned by his previous releases Arcade Stories now displays a consistency in style and substance. Unbroken is a testament to placing weight behind interconnectedness and reaping strength as reward.
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