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A Chat With Ananda Mida

Ananda Mida is back with ‘Karnak EP’ packed with three magical tracks, a release that bears witness to the
unbound & spiced-up attitude of improvisations, that has constantly distinguished the band’s live activity. Set for
release on June 25th via Go Down Records, without a doubt this EP will please all fans of the psychedelic genre.
Metal Digest had a chat with Ananda Mida about the new EP and their plans for the future.

Welcome To Metal Digest!

Hello Ananda Mida! So pleased to get to talk with you, congratulations on the upcoming release!
After a tough year and with the EP moments away from being released how is everyone over there feeling?

Hi Metal-Digest, thank you, it is a great pleasure for us to have the chance to talk about our new
release! The lockdown has been alienating from innumerable point of views, and the return to the
normal life seems still unreal and incredible. We managed to keep ourselves in training for a while by
preparing some stuff for the new record, which we may present at the next concerts.

Ananda Mida is truly a Go Down Records supergroup, with the likes of Max Ear leading from the drum kit, Matteo Pablo Scolaro and Alex Tedesco on guitars, Conny Ochs laying down vocals & Davide Bressan tightening up the bass end… How did you find each other, how did this all start?

It all started when Max involved Pablo as a sound engineer in the Go Down Records live shows and
from there on they began playing together, improvising songs for a hypothetical new album by OJM,
the historic former band of Max. We abandoned this idea for about a year and a half even if we tried to
engage various musicians, gravitating around the Go Down world or not, until we found in Davide and
Alex a common musical understanding that went in the same direction. In this occasion, two ideas were
born: to release a trilogy of records dedicated to the writings of Gurdjieff and to involve several singers
just like a collective. In the next album there will probably be the same but also other singers.

Other than the new unreleased track ‘Anulios’ the EP ‘Karnak’ is an homage to your live psychedelic sound, the live ‘Jam With Mario’ and a live recording of ‘The Pilot’ to finish, was there a high demand from the fans for more of your live material?

Many old friends always tell us that they prefer our instrumental live show, so we had to satisfy them
a little bit! Seriously, we wanted that the studio sessions would be different from the live set, alternating
psychedelic atmosphere with punkish moments which are more improvised. We can say that we liked
to record a taste of how we sound in concert. Then we wanted to leave the other half of the vinyl to our
graphic designer and our screen printing wizard.

Your jam with Mario Lalli (of Yawning Man & Fatso Jetson) is fantastic! You have such great vibes together… Thinking back to 2018, what was it like playing with Yawning Man, is there any great memories you have of that time?

As Go Down Records we were able to organize eleven Italian dates of their European tour, and it was
simply fantastic: Summertime, concerts by the sea or in big festivals, driving up and down the
Country. They were delighted by the beauty of Italy and the passion that people put into going to their
concerts, buying records and merch, taking pictures, offering drinks, chatting, laughing, etc. The track
contained in the EP was recorded on the first day of this tour. There’s another great jam with Mario on
bass, Gary on guitar, Alex on guitar, and Max on drums, but itself alone would have lasted one side of
the vinyl, so we put it aside for the moment. Maybe one day… On our official upcoming website, we are
uploading many gems that have never been published, including a video of that tour in which Max,
Alex and Mario jammed at the end of the concert.

Here in the UK, there are very limited test festivals & small music events, how much are you missing the live audience? Is there any hope for live gigs coming up are you looking to announce soon?

We believe that the live experience is the only outlet for music and the exchange between artists and
who are there to enjoy music is part of this process. Every time that someone thanks us for playing our
music, these words are the ones that keep us going, especially in this period without live shows… a
period that has been a bit, how to say, flat and boring!
We are planning some upcoming concerts and we have already confirmed one date at the end of
August. We can’t wait for it!

Is there new material on the horizon we should be keeping an eye out for?

The new material that we are working on is a brand new challenge, and we are exploring how to cook
all those ingredients together. Seriously, we are striving to make a record that defines us in a complete
way, highlighting the many facets that music, and particularly psychedelic music, can have.
“Reconciler” seemed like the perfect name.

Thanks for giving us your time, I wish you all the best with releasing the new EP!
Is there anything else you would like to mention to our audience?

Thanks to you Milton for your interesting questions. We would like to give a piece of advice to our old
and new fans: save an empty space large enough on one of your walls at home because our trilogy of
covers will create three-piece graphic chef d’œuvre by Eeviac. Bye!

Thank you for the wonderful interview.
Until we meet again,

Milton on behalf of Metal-Digest.

‘Karnak EP’ will be released on June 25th via Go Down Records on Digital & Vinyl.

Conny Ochs – Vocals
Matteo Pablo – Guitars
Alex Tedesco – Guitars
Davide Bressan – Bass
Max Ear – Drums

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