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The Absence – ‘Coffinized’

M-Theory Audio
At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames
Release Date
June 25, 2021
M-Theory Audio
Melodic Death Metal

My conversion to Death and Black Metal continues. Pretty much every day, I hear something new. A new wrinkle, a new twist or turn. ‘Coffinized’ has all this and more! If you are a fan of the genre or just warming up to it (like me), you will love it. Every track is relentless, full of aggression, and eager to obliterate any would-be foe. Guitars are frantic and engaging, drums are beyond manic and impossibly intricate, and vocals are otherworldly. After the blistering opening track, I thought, “okay, save some for the big game.” Turns out, The Absence had plenty left in the tank.

 Unyielding in its ferocity, with a perfect touch of clean guitar and vocal, “Choirs of Sickness” is the only song you need to hear this week.

“Cathedral Dawn” is another stand-out. Plenty of scorched vocals and rapid-fire changing tempos, plus a nicely subdued section that lets the song breathe, but only briefly. This one is particularly satisfying.

The second half of ‘Coffinized’ is beyond killer, each track is more evolved than the last. Often, an album will have more of the same, but The Absence just keeps adding layers and nuances. These guys know exactly what they are doing, and we are better for it.

Every track is relentless, full of aggression, and eager to obliterate any would-be foe

Come on in!

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