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Slowpoke – ‘Slowpoke’

Independent Release
Melvins, Clutch, Queens of the Stone Age
Release Date
August 22, 2021
Independent Release

A rolling stone gathers no moss and considering the connotations associated with their name, Slowpoke have been moving relatively quick, gathering a reputation as a fantastic live band. Well, that was until the global pandemic shut everything down. So Slowpoke did what every good band does, they decided that this would be the best time to record their self-titled debut album.

                 That rolling stone may not have gathered any moss, but what it has done is run over everything in its path collecting little bits of genres from heavy metal, through stoner and doom with a helping of fuzz and psychedelia. Naturally, this means that this Canadian three piece have delivered something very interesting. ‘Slowpoke’ is an album which rattles the core of your torso, but it manages to do this without concentrating on nothing but fuzz, this album has melody in heaps with enough chorus hooks to have the listener engrossed for hours with enough balls to appeal to fans of everything from Melvins, through Clutch and Queens of the Stone Age. However, ‘Slowpoke’ is just missing something, that certain je ne sais quois pushing it into the realms beyond.

                All that being said, ‘Slowpoke’ would be a worthy addition to any fuzz collectors of 2021 music; it is a decent first effort by the band, it more than accomplishes what it sets out to do and that is no bad thing.

a worthy addition to any fuzz collectors 2021 music

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