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10,000 Years – ‘II’

Interstellar Smoke Records
Place of Skulls, High On Fire, Black Tusk
Release Date
June 25, 2021
Interstellar Smoke Records

Before clicking “play,” the only thing I knew about II is that it is Swedish Stoner Metal. You had me at Swedish. On their second release, 10,000 Years deals out a classic Stoner vibe in the heaviest of terms. The riffs are crushing at every turn, packed full of doom and groove and Risberg’s exasperated vocal delivery is perfectly suited for it all.

Musically, it felt like a cosmic journey, full of swells and palpable emotions. Turns out, that is exactly what it is. ‘II’ is the story of an illfated mission and its exploration of time and space all set against a backdrop of first-class Stoner and Doom. Fantastic images of wormholes, a Green King, and intergalactic peril add an extra layer of intrigue to what is already a consummate album.

The only flaw I can find is, while outstanding, the riffs and overall presentation are not terribly different than many other Stoner albums. Like, “I’ve heard this before…” Something to do with the rift in the space-time continuum perhaps? Nonetheless, if you dig the genre, you will dig this album. And if you meet up with the Green King, give him my regards.

if you meet up with the Green King, give him my regards

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