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Titanosaur – ‘Inti Wañu’ EP

The Swamp Records
Kyuss, Motörhead, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Monster Magnet
Release Date
July 2, 2021
The Swamp Records
Stoner Rock / Hard Rock
Our Score

Anyone who decides to form a band using the name ‘Titanosaur’, has quite a significant pressure to be a good band. It’s a fantastic name, and deserves only the best music to bear it. Convenient, then, that Geoff Saavedra decided to christen his Stoner Rock project as such, as it lives up to the epic name. It’s groovy, heavy, and huge fun to listen to, without ever seeming repetitive or formulaic

This is genuinely one of the best new Stoner Rock albums right now, quite an achievement when bands like Stoned Jesus, Natraxas, and Stöner are making music. It’s particularly impressive how difficult it is to tell that the drums are programmed instead of live, and the riff-writing is off the charts. The simplistic, crunchy riffs are a constant onslaught of sharp, punchy fuzz, and the bass, briefly heard solo at times, hits right in the chest with every note.

A huge credit to the quality album is the fantastic, and surprisingly straight-rock solos that arrive with huge intent, and balance perfectly on the knife edge of being technical, without becoming inaccessible or ostentatious. The recurrence of more traditional Hard Rock influence only serves to enhance the accessibility to those less immediately sold on the Stoner Rock sound. This is a must-listen for any fan of anything north of Motörhead or Kyuss

Fun and compelling stoner rock at its absolute best

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