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Underball – ‘The Best is Yet to Cum!’

Independent Release
Stormtroopers of Death, Anthrax, M.O.D.
Release Date
July 16, 2021
Independent Release
Thrash Metal/Crossover

The majority of bands take themselves excessively seriously; yet within this serious miasma are bands which are just there to have fun and Underball are one of those bands. It may have been a few years since Underball released their self-titled EP in 2017, but this year has the Italians returning with their debut album ‘The Best is Yet to Cum!’

                Yes, Underball went for that title. But this is a band which pride themselves on sexual humour and pornographic references and this doesn’t half come through on ‘The Best…’. As the listener might expect with sexually explicit lyrical content; this is an aggressive album with an old-school thrash sound that is evidently influenced from the likes of Stormtroopers of Death, Anthrax and M.O.D. with many of the tongue in cheek lyrics having the appeal of the former. However, as good as the music actually is, it is those lyrics that are difficult to fully enjoy, often causing a wry smile to something more accustomed to an embarrassed grimace. Yes, these lyrics are aimed to shock and provoke, but ultimately, they are not big and they aren’t clever; in fact, they’re quite puerile with tracks such as ‘Milf’, ‘Cannonball Dookie’ and ‘Squirt on my Face’ having all the feeling that they were written by a pubescent boy who has discovered the internet for the first time.

                ‘The Best…’ is not the best album that will be heard all year, in fact, it’s quite underwhelming and it won’t appeal to anyone who isn’t like-minded.

a band which pride themselves on sexual humour and pornographic references

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