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Steignyr – ‘The Legacy of Wyrd’

Art Gates Records
Vicious Crusade
Release Date
July 23, 2021
Art Gates Records
Celtic Folk Metal

When it comes to folk/metal, no one can match Europe; it is a breeding ground for bands trying many different styles from their local backgrounds and mixing it with top-class heavy metal. This year has Steignyr following up their 2019 album ‘Myths Through the Shadows of Freedom’ with their latest offering ‘The Legacy of Wyrd’.

                Fans of Steignyr will be happy to know that ‘The Legacy…’ follows faithfully in the footsteps of its forefathers as the Spanish band deliver another majestic helping of folk/metal that has been beautifully entwined with a Celtic feel. Through this, ‘The Legacy…’ takes the listener on a powerful journey through time and space through a concept album that involves tales of warlocks, cavorting druids and Celtic princesses in a story which spellbinds the listener into continuing forward. This is done through some excellent spoken pieces which signpost the album as to what is happening before crushing death metal interjects with Jön Thörgrimr leading his pack into glory as tracks such as ‘Mendo’, ‘Edevane’ and ‘The Well of Ice’ stand tall.

However, ‘The Legacy…’ is a long album and to sit down to fully listen to it is a large commitment; yet for those fans of folk/metal with the patience and staying power to take it all in will fully enjoy an album which stops at nothing to get its story told.

an album which stops at nothing to get its story told

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