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Mountain Caller – ‘Chronicle: Prologue’ EP

For The Lost Records
Tool, Animals As Leaders, Between the Buried and Me
Release Date
July 9, 2021
For The Lost Records
Progressive Post-Metal

Sorry we’ve seen this before, right? Band releases longform concept work, gets good reviews and pleases both the listener and label, and then out of frustration that nobody actually gets the concept they release a companion piece they hope explains it. Looking at you Automata I and II ahem.

Chronicle: Prologue is a three track EP the band worked on alongside the much-loved debut “Chronicle”, in itself a work of genre-blending cinematic scope, and this EP is not intended as a response, it is effective as an introduction. The band want you to put this on first, making up a one hour-plus musical journey. And indeed it is a journey through many stylistic turns, highly cinematic as mentioned, chugging Doom riffs, gentle fades and sweeps; it is both mesmerising and gently dazzling.

Opening track “Something Stirred From Beneath the Rubble” appears ethereally from silence with Post Metal menace and intent, two minutes of build before the first drums appear, and when the big scooped guitars crash in it’s a magical and powerful moment. Dare I say it somewhat reminiscent of Tool without the intentional overcomplication? Taken in context with “Chronicle” that came before (but should be played after) it sets the scene for what is to come.

“Beyond This Black Horizon” and the closing track “Stripped of All But Purpose” continue the thematic link of a continuous narrative without falling into the Prog Metal excesses of repetition and revising individual motifs ad infinitum.

To pick holes, there is a downside to this EP, and that is that you’re going to feel short-changed if you don’t have “Chronicle” to play next. So, go buy that as well!

a continuous narrative without falling into the Prog Metal excesses

Come on in!

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