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March in Arms – ‘Pulse of the Daring’

RFL Records
Iced Earth, Jag Panzer, Helstar, Savatage
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RFL Records
Power Metal

It is often said that an army marches on its stomach, but in reality it is better to march in arms… well that is the case for South Dakotan metal band who return to the frontlines to once again delve into the breach as they deliver their sophomore album ‘Pulse of the Daring’.

                Singing songs about military escapades seems to be one of the more en vogue topics in the last ten years with Sabaton, Civil War and even Iced Earth leading the fray, but with ‘Pulse…’ March in Arms (MiA) demonstrate that they are not green. This is an album of excellent American power metal with a thrash metal undertone, and it does this sound very, very well. Tracks such as ‘1914’, ‘Welcome the Blitz’, ‘Thunderbolt’ and ‘Nisei’ drive forward like a panzer assault as riff after riff perform an audio coup de grace from pummelling thrash riffs to twin guitar flourishes that would make Dave Murray and Adrian Smith blush. However, it is the vocals of Ryan Knutson which really sweep the accolades here; this man has a touch of both Matt Barlow and Stu Block but not enough to make this album seem like a carbon copy of Iced Earth and instead gives it enough uniqueness to stand tall on its own merit.

                ‘Pulse…’ is an excellent sophomore album and any fan of American power metal would do well to grab a copy, it’s a step forward from their debut and with Jon Schaffer losing the plot, there’s a big hole that needs to be filled by a rather March in Arms shaped peg.

an excellent sophomore album and any fan of American power metal would do well to grab a copy

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