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Famous Underground – ‘In My Reflection’ EP

Babylon Music Group
Slik Toxik, Kik Tracee, Junkyard Drive
Release Date
June 25, 2021
Babylon Music Group
Hard Rock

The advice is always the same; “write what you know about.” Back in the day, Slik Toxik sang of parties and the wildlife; and they did it very well…Juno award-winning no less. Fast forward a bit and, its core members are still playing outstanding Hard Rock as Famous Underground but incorporating a new maturity.

 ‘In My Reflection’ is firmly rooted in the classic 80s and 90s and is packed with plenty of swagger and a hint of sleaze. Great variation of tempos, ultra-tight rhythms, and first-class vocals are the hallmarks here. Vocalist Nick Walsh has clearly taken care of his voice.  The only detraction is some moments sound a little too influenced by vintage Megadeth. Okay, a LOT. The fact they have previously covered Mustaine, et al says something, I suppose. Truthfully, they do not need to emulate anyone; they have the chops to be themselves and pack a sizable wallop.

Songs of note:

“Dark One of the Two” is jammed with crunch and chug, but also deals with heady subject matter. There is a palpable air of maturity, but in the end, it gives us exactly what we came for.

“Corrupted” is a driving and dark number, filled with great hooks, searing guitar leads, and vocals that…well let’s see if he can hit those notes in concert.

‘In My Reflection’ is a combination of older and new material, with (as I understand) another EP forthcoming. I look forward to hearing this as well.

firmly rooted in the classic 80s and 90s sound

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