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Metal Shots | Moon Reaper

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Band: Moon Reaper

Genre: Post metal/black metal

For Fans Of: Conjurer, Gojira, MØl

Short Bio:

Moon Reaper is a four-piece blackened progressive doom/beatdown cosmic-themed band from Bristol. All about those punishing screams, and crushing riffs, their music is designed to portray a true sense of absolute desolation, destruction, and desertion. Moon Reaper explores the agonizing and malevolent depths of deep space entities in our lyrics and sound, for example, Spiralism, their latest single, portrays the experience of spaghettification within a black hole. Their lyrical and conceptual themes orbit around the metaphysics and philosophy of destructive deep space entities.

A Note from the Band:

we aspire to play shows, release music, meet people and do as much awesome stuff for as long as we can, so get in touch with us!

The Band Online:

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