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CRS – ‘Live From Isolation’

Concreto Records
Embrace the Dawn, Obscura, Morbid Angel
Release Date
June 21, 2021
Concreto Records
Death Metal

Having lived in the Sonoran Desert myself (okay, it was Tucson) I can attest this part of the world can breed some seriously heavy mierda. Rooted in Sonora, Mexico, CRS (formerly Cirrosis) is a prime example of said heaviness. Recorded during the Mexican online festival Moshfest, this four-song EP is outstanding and encourages me to seek out earlier works. Rhythms are heavy and tight, with exceptional drumming at many turns. Killer guitar riffs with refreshing complexity abound and Sir OZ’s brusque vocals reach up from the deepest well. Even in the spoken passages between songs, Sir OZ sounds like El Diablo himself.

Standouts include “Kill My Name,” a pummeling five minutes featuring dazzling guitar solos. Brilliant from beginning to end.

 “Daydreamer’s Nightmare,” is a classic beauty and the beast pairing, which features soaring female vocals from Quetzalín Dominguez of Lost Nebula fame. Spoiler alert: beauty wins. The solo guitar work is simply stunning. It is beautiful and intricate, yet never loses the edge. This song is amazing.

There are two additional tracks, “Fariseos” and “Negando lo No Negado,” only available on CD (remember those?) When you hear them, let me know what you think.

‘Live In Isolation’ is a glimpse into what CRS can do and leaves me clamouring for more. Well done, amigos, well done.

Sir OZ sounds like El Diablo himself

Come on in!

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