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THE LOCAL SHOW June | Barbara Black

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This time we’re bringing you Barbara Black.

Welcome to Metal Digest.

What is your musical background and how did this lead to you creating the band?

From a very young age, I began to study music theory, piano, and singing techniques. It was always clear to me that I am a musician, so I studied Music Teaching at the University and then History and Music Sciences. Meanwhile, I was playing in different bands and orchestras until I founded my first project, Black Rock, with which I recorded two albums. Later I founded a jazz band, Vintage Jazz Cabaret, with this band I have worked in multiple events, restaurants, or weddings. Finally, I met Nitro and Javier, we saw that we had very similar musical tastes and that we were motivated to start a project together.

What aspect of your local scene do you most enjoy?

Right now we are living in a post-pandemic moment, and what I like to see is the enthusiasm with which everyone is organizing events, concerts, festivals. I see the desire to be on stage in a lot of fellow musicians, and that is very nice.

How have connections with other local bands or with the local community helped to build your project?

One of the most beautiful things about being a musician is sharing experiences with other colleagues.

On many occasions we have played in concerts with other friendly bands or we have invited other musicians to play with us and that is wonderful, music unites us all. There have been great musicians from other bands who have been so kind to collaborate on our album with a guitar solo or with their voice, for example, Javier Mira, Cecilio Sánchez-Robles, Ix Valieri, Martin More, Óscar Sancho, or Diego Rayz. I am very grateful to have had their talent.

What, in your eyes, makes your band unique?

I think what makes Barbara Black special is the fusion.

Each album is a new challenge, we want to continue learning and improving ourselves. On our album Ad Libitum we merged country with rock and gospel. On our new album Love, Death & Flies we have merged southern rock with metal. And I will not reveal the new ideas for the next album, but it will be a very original fusion. In addition, personally, I am a very passionate singer, I love exploring the sonic possibilities of my throat and therefore I like to use different colors in my voice such as belting, twang, opera, or screaming.

How do you plan to take your music career beyond your local area?

Working, working, and working. I think being constant is very important.

Also, I don’t want to separate myself from Angels PR Music Promotions, I think they do a great job. Hopefully, we can play at a festival, that would be essential to increase our visibility.



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