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Metal! Live in Bahrain Vol. 2

Independent Release
Slayer, Deicide, Exodus, Morbid Angel
Release Date
May 16, 2021
Independent Release
Thrash/Death/Black Metal

Situated in the Persian Gulf, the island nation of Bahrain is vying to turn some Metal heads their way. This compilation should do nicely.

This is the second entry in this project from Bahrain’s Studio 77. Masterfully recorded and mixed by Hani Taqi, ‘Live’ gives us an ample smattering from four underground Metal bands from the region.

Taking a page directly from the early Slayer playbook, Hellionight brings genuine ferocity and attitude. Vocally, however, think David Vincent (Morbid Angel) covering ‘Haunting the Chapel.’ I can easily see them on the Thrash circuit.

More of a Blackened Death Metal outfit, Ryth offers gravelled vocals coupled with classic DM trudge. Guitar solos are more melodic than expected, and the occasional dual-vocal approach adds an appealing layer as well.

Lunacyst and Necrosin both give us fairly straightforward DM fare. Guttural vocals and a well-deserved pummeling are the mainstays here, but they do not quite carry the same level of intrigue as their album mates.

Overall, a good cross-section of the Bahrain Metal scene. Nothing especially new, but you will not be bored either.

Welcome to the table, gents; there is always room for more.

a good cross-section of the Bahrain Metal scene

Come on in!

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