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Brother Against Brother – ‘Brother Against Brother’

Frontiers Records
Electric Mob, Sinistra, Lords of Black, Icon of Sin
Release Date
June 11, 2021
Frontiers Records
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

There have been some very well received ‘versus’ projects recently, the most famous of which being Allen/Lande which featured the excellent battle of voices between Russell Allen and Jorn Lande. This year has Renan Zonta of Electric Mob and Nando Fernandes of Sinistra fame stepping out of their native Brazil to go head-to-head as Brother Against Brother by releasing their eponymous debut album.

                Fans of this style will be pleased to know that ‘Brother Against Brother’ continues very much in this vein; it is a powerful album of tracks that place quality hard rock alongside captivating melodies which really show off what Zonta and Fernandes are capable of. Unlike a lot of these ‘versus’ projects which often the vocalist singing a song each; ‘Brother Against Brother’ has these voices squaring off against each other, twisting and melding their melodious voices which ooze with raw passion and emotion, tempered and honed by Alessandro De Vecchio who once more proves that he is an endless songbook of talent when it comes to writing.

However, when it comes down to it, ‘Brother Against Brother’ sounds exactly as the listener would expect it to. There are no surprises, there are no gimmicks, but what ‘Brother Against Brother’ does deliver, is solid heavy metal with just enough hint of hard rock to make it accessible beyond its standard remit.

solid heavy metal with just enough hint of hard rock

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