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Local Stage Worldwide TV celebrating the 4th of July with Liliac!

The 4th of July is always a party and this year is no different.
Local Stage Worldwide TV is going all out this year and celebrating the holiday
with a HUGE 2,5-hour show with the band Liliac.
There will be official videos, live performances, and behind-the-scenes clips
in this show where we cover most of Liliac’s career.
5-piece Los Angeles-based, family Rock/Metal band, “Liliac” has sparked the world by storm.
This female-fronted band consisting of all siblings ages 13-22 has brought a unique and fresh
sound they call “Vamp Metal”.

Lead vocalist, Melody (19), with her raspy-powerful voice
Lead guitarist, Samuel (22), with his skillful-effortless guitars
Drummer, Abigail (21), with her solid-thunderous drums
Bassist, Ethan (14), with his rich-thick bass
Keyboardist, Justin (13), with his passionate-polished keys
is what makes this band so incredible and catches the eyes of millions.

Liliac, which means “bat” in Romanian, not only, has a unique meaning but also a unique story.

Liliac Online:


Local Stage Worldwide Online:

Come on in!

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