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Loch Vostok – ‘Opus Ferox: The Great Escape’

Black Lodge Records
Evergrey, Nevermore, Manticora, Farmakon, Mercenary
Release Date
June 25, 2021
Black Lodge Records
Extreme Progressive Metal

Swedish Prog-Metal fixture Loch Vostok come clawing at the barricades with their 8th full-length, but this time with a new voice.

Fans need not worry though, Teddy Möller’s growling at anything without a melodic hook is still there, and now new boy Jonas Radehorn is there to handle the majority of vocal duties.

Subjectively the most consistent release since 2015’s “From These Waters”; if you buy (or buy into) Scandinavian Prog-Metal you know what to expect, and this will in no way disappoint.

It’s unlikely to spawn a hit single that turns millions of teenagers into fans overnight, but is a technical tour de force full to bursting with chromatic twists and great melodic lines “The Great Escape” is almost DTP-esque in its stuttering/flowing/evolving lines, and there are moments of rhythmic intensity that are not short of breath taking.

You pays your money, you gets your thang.

a technical tour de force

Come on in!

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