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Inhuman Condition – ‘Rat God’

Listenable Insanity Records
Death, Obituary, Massacre, Gruesome
Release Date
June 4, 2021
Listenable Insanity Records
Death Metal

Inhuman Condition? Yeah, I know that, Massacre’s first EP from 1992 isn’t it? That is actually not far from the truth, following their departure from Massacre last year, Taylor Nordberg and Jeramie Kling joined forced with Obituary bassist Terry Butler to create Inhuman Condition as the Florida death metallers release their debut album ‘Rat God’.

                When ‘Rat God’ blasts through those speakers, the only thing that the listener can hear is the grinding of the clock, it’s hands reversing time to the early 90’s with this primal slab of raw, old-school death metal done that deep-south style that only Florida can muster. ‘Rat God’ offers something that is impressive as tracks such as ‘The Neck Step’, ‘Tyrantula’ and ‘Crown of Mediocrity’ drive forward in a thrashing frenzy having all the hallmarks of Obituary, Death and obviously Massacre showing that there is little mediocrity here. Naturally, there isn’t anything here that hasn’t been heard before, it is however done well and in reality, the only thing here that is actually worth quibbling over is the fact that this is released on an independent label where the distribution will be limited as ‘Rat God’ is an album which deserves to force its way to the forefront of metal.

                There will be plenty of ‘big name’ releases this year and undoubtedly, many of these will get flogged to death, but if you like your old school death metal without frills or gimmicks then ‘Rat God’ is the album for you.

a primal slab of raw, old-school death metal

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