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Heavy Rotation | June 2021


to the METAL DIGEST Heavy Rotation Playlist.

This is where we sit down and attempt to cram everything we’ve been digesting at our HQ into a monthly playlist for your audio pleasure. Here you’ll find upcoming releases from both new and established bands, as well juicy reissues and celebrated classics. There is a guarantee you’ll find something new to crank up in your daily routine. So sit back, turn it up to 11 and enjoy!

Abkehr – ‘I’ (Vendetta Records)

Black metal casts itself in blood for the Abkehr’s latest release, it’s raw, wriggling and seething with old-school black metal power.

Arteaga – ‘Marqués de Sade’ (Interstellar Smoke Records)

The clock turns itself back into the Summer of Love and Arteaga deliver lashings of psychedelic rainbows with this excellent offering of vintage late 60’s flower power.

At The Gates – ‘Spectre of Extinction’ (Century Media Records)

The stalwarts of Melodic Death Metal return with another powerful album that leaves little doubt that it’ll be riding high in many end of year lists.

Attack of the Rising – ‘On the Horizon’ (Vanity Music Group/Weapon Records)

AOTR deliver a surprising album that toes the line wonderfully between modern and traditional heavy metal.

Ballsqueezer – ‘Old Scotch Ale’ (Independent Release)

With this latest Ballsqueezer release, the band manage to keep their fingers in all the pies available.

Bloodbound – ‘March Into War’ (AFM Records)

The dragons take flight once more and plunge into the dark realm with this thunderous new release from Bloodbound.

Chelsea – ‘Ca$h’ (Westworld Records)

The punks are back, they’re older, they’re wiser and yet, they’re still up for a good time.

Chthonic – ‘Set Fire to the Island’ (DNB Remix) (ChiongZo Records)

Remember crowds? Remember live music? You get it all with Chthonic’s new release at Megaport 2021.

Cradle of Haze – ‘Wie de Wind’ (darkSIGN RecordS)

Looking for some excellent Gothic rock with industrial and darkwave? Then get your hands on ‘Zehntausend Seelen’, it won’t disappoint.

Crobot – ‘Mountain’ (Mascot Records)

On this latest EP, Crobot deliver an exceptionally fun release that includes some high-profile guests including Howard Jones and Frank Bello.

Crypta – ‘Starvation’ (Napalm Records)

Guaranteed there will few old school death metal albums that will be able to challenge this debut beast.

Desaster – ‘Endless Awakening’ (Metal Blade Records)

A furious album of Teutonic metal that scorches the Earth and leaves nothing in its wake.

Dread Sovereign – ‘Her Master’s Voice’ (Metal Blade Records)

This is an album that powers through the gears, pushing into the highest available and then setting cruise control. It’s a doom masterpiece that promises to be one of the highlights of the year.

Flotsam & Jetsam – ‘Blood in the Water’ (AFM Records)

Thrash metal album of the year? If you’re betting person, place your bets because this is a safe wager.

Goat Sanctuary – ‘Shark Teeth’ (Independent Release)

Seattle thrashers plant their flag in the ground with this great EP further aided by the legendary Jack Endino.

Helloween – ‘Skyfall’ (Nuclear Blast Records)

Another huge contender for album of the year. That’s just plain fact.

Hjelvik – ‘Glory of Hel’ (Nuclear Blast Records)

Erland Hjelvik takes a large leap out of the shadow of Kvelertak to create a monstrous album that worships heavily at the altar of Bathory.

Jaded Truth – ‘Spirit’ (Independent Release)

Fans of ‘Bleach’ era Nirvana will lap ’Tsukimono’ up, it’s raw, it’s heavy and yet strangely hard rockingly melodic.

Katana Cartel – ‘Grenade’ (Independent Release)

‘The Sacred Oath’ battens down the hatches and does exactly what it needs to do.

La Nausée – ‘Like Coin’ (Spectral Hound Records)

This debut EP has all the bass bottom ends of Korn and is capable of creating a Belgian earthquake of Big One proportions.

Lacuna Coil – ‘Veneficium’ (Live From the Apocalypse) (Century Media Records)

The kings of Italian Gothic deliver a professional live rendition of their latest album ‘Anima’.

Lost Division – ‘Trapped’ (Inverse Records)

It’s big, it’s bold and it has the potential to take on stadiums worldwide.

Mike Tramp – ‘Give It All You Got’ (Target Records)

The former White Lion vocalist shows with this compilation that he has eclipsed anything Bon Jovi have wrote for 20 years.

Mothman and the Thunderbirds – ‘Infinite Ocean’ (Independent Release)

MatT have created something groovy, progressive and weirdly good. It is out there, it is avant-garde, it is Mastodon with a hint of Krautrock and this gives it a wider appeal than you think.

Myronath – ‘Effigy of Malediction’ (HellStain Productions)

This is the black metal album you get and turn up to 11, no more, no less.

Paradise Lost – ‘One Second’ (Live at The Mill) (Nuclear Blast Records)

The masters of death/doom deliver a professional livestream of fan favourites.

Rhapsody of Fire – ‘I’ll Be Your Hero’ (AFM Records)

If this doesn’t whet your appetite for the new upcoming Rhapsody of Fire album, you can end your quest right now.

ScreaMachine –’The Metal Monster’ (Frontiers Records)

ScreaMachine have delivered a solid album of heavy metal without frills of gimmicks.

Vulture – ‘Malicious Souls’ (Metal Blade Records)

The German speed metallers eye the big leagues with a huge step in sound and song quality.

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